Study findings shows which countries are more concerned about their kids' location and what time parents check where their kids are on a mobile app.
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What our families say

"It helps me and my family to keep in touch"

Maria K. Miami, FL

"Great customer support. Now I can locate my 12 years old kid, and for free! Thanks for improving our safety. Well done team"

John K. Boston, MA

"Here in Mexico, dondeEsta™ should be a must for everyone. I already recommended to my friends. Gracias!"

Margarita E. Mexico DF

"Hi team. Hurra. Love the real time indicator. So cool. It's really helpful. I use dondeEsta™ daily. And my daughter is happier as I do not need to call her to know her whereabouts!"

Dan A. San Francisco, CA

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Because we believe that technology can make a safer world for everybody

  • We are for families
  • For safety
  • For happy kids playing around
  • We are for teenagers going out safely with their friends
  • For parents that care about their families
  • We are for enhancing our childens' autonomy
  • We are for making a safer world
  • We are for you and your family